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This monster will take down entire units of low initiative or even large numbers of mid initiative enemies. The only set back for us is the chance of a misfire which will ensure the death of many a loyal TG, luckily Look Out Sir! Overall: All in all a Potent lore with no real disappointments. A Slann carrying Death magic into a battle is dangerous to any opponent. It does require us to burn that same unit though. Fireball: The ability to shape this spell to your whims, and after your power dice makes it a very useful spell. It's like getting three, somewhat similar spells, and being able to pick which one you want every magic phase.

Cascading Fire-Cloak: I can definitely see this coming in handy on a TG unit engaged in close combat. That said, the amount of hits an strength of the attacks does make almost any other augment a better selection, still useful. Flaming Sword of Rhuin: Relatively light weight in casting cost, both boosted an un-boosted and provides a useful bonus. The Burning Head: A decent spell with a fine punch and a nifty extra effect. The FAQ allows this to be cast in combat, so it has its uses. Piercing Bolts of Burning: We already have ways to clear hordes of enemies but one more won't do bad.

It does however do better against deep units than actual hordes. Fulminating Flame Cage: A truly great spell, the only thing holding this badboy back is the strength of the hits, but still it has a great ability to hold big enemy units in place or see their numbers dwindle rapidly. Flame Storm: It requires too much of a dice-day to get off properly and see enough units dead to this spell - and if you boost it hoping for it to see more enemy models you might end up even closer to it seeing your own.

It does however have a chance of creating more Kindleflame targets. Overall: This lore definitely has it's weak spells, and it's useful spells. I believe there is enough useful spells to merit a Fire Slann, but you're probably better off going for High Magic and visiting this lore for a Fireball or a lucky Flame Cage. Lore of High Magic: Lore Attribute - Contemplations: A lore attribute that makes this lore even more of a toolbox lore.

It can already provide what you need, but should you find yourself needing something specific, usually in the form of a signature spell, this has great use. Drain Magic: This really comes with a good effect and a low enough casting cost to make it really useful. Negating your enemy's augments and hexes on a unit makes it a good spell for evening combat or forcing your opponent to spread his augments and hexes out.

Soul Quench: Low range but plenty of punch to make this one of the better signature magic missiles. It should deliver. Apotheosis: The ability to put wounds back on our hero's and monsters is a really useful tool and what makes this spell. The secondary effect is rarely of use to us, but can be decent on your Slann.

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Hand of Glory: This will boost every stat we don't have enough of when it comes to Saurus. Everything it provides we need, and therefore this is a great spell. It can also help Razordon packs or Ancient Stegadons with giant blowpipes get a lot more hits. Walk Between Worlds: This is a movement masterpiece. Our infantry blocks can have a hard time following up, no more, and even better if you want something big ramming into your enemy early in the game this will provide you with that opportunity - this spell will do many things, there's only one thing it can't do: disappoint you.

Tempest: This spell has it's uses against massed infantry or Gunlines with poor unit placements but for the casting cost I'd rather go into Heavens and take Iceshard for single targets and no scatter. Arcane Unforging: Some armies need just that one item. With this spell you can eat that one item - that is if he didn't bring another item for you to roll. Fiery Convocation: Remains in Play horde eater.

Your opponent will want to get rid of this, and that is probably its biggest strength - it should eat some power dice and if it doesn't I wouldn't complain if I were you.

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Overall: The ability to put this on a Loremaster Slann is what makes it a potent jack of all trades toolkit kinda lore. It should not disappoint. If you aren't going with a loremaster, you're not going to be pumping enough juice out of this lore though.

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Lore of Shadow: Lore Attribute - Smoke and Mirrors: This can take your Slann out of difficult situations but will rarely be used as the defense of his Temple Guard should be able to keep him safe in your games. If you have a Solo Slann this will bring more juice to the table. Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma: The casting cost and status of this spell as a signature makes it a very good spell for us. It weakens the enemy in places that makes us quite stronger and for very few dice. Otherwise I really like the description.

The Enfeebling Foe: Not dying is a great thing, and this will definitely help us do that. To boot it is a Remains in Play, and will cost your opponent dice to remove.

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The Withering: This spell is a large aid for salamander fire and close combat carnage. Put it down and see great things happen.

The Penumbral Pendulum: Too many factors conspire to make this spell more of a maybe than a must have. There are simply too many rolls that can be failed here. Pit of Shades: If it didn't scatter this would be great.

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With the scatter however it would be wise, especially for us, to stay away from the boosted version and point it carefully towards the enemy as it will create casualties, even more so if you hit yourself. It will auto-kill any war machine it hits since they auto-fail Initiative tests. Okkam's Mindrazor: Our Initiative and lack of Weapon Skill makes this spell less useful to us than some races.

It's still a worthwhile spell though, doubling your Saurus strength will really help them win combat. If they could just hit first. It should be mentioned that if you have your Slann nearby and he carries a standard of discipline your Augmented unit will be even more grateful as they can use his leadership FAQ. Overall: The Hexes contained within this lore really makes for a great lore on a Slann, while some spells are non-collectable they can just be traded for Miasma and any Slann should be happy.

Not only do we get wounds back, we also get a spell effect. Earth Blood: This definitely has its use, even when forced upon the Slann's unit - since it will usually be "forced" upon our Temple Guard and I doubt they'd complain. Awakening of the Wood: A rather dull Magic missile that has some conditional moments of real use.

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Flesh to Stone: Put this on any unit that isn't a Skink and watch joyfully as most enemies have trouble making wounds happen. This is a great spell to us. Throne of Vines: If you're going for life magic you can live without this, but grab it if you can. The ability to ignore Miscasts is not small to us since Temple Guard really aren't cheap and the potential buff for our other units are worthwhile.

It will usually also cost your opponent dice to get rid of. Shield of Thorns: I'm split on this spell, I feel it has it's uses but that it's missing some punch. If the damage happened during combat I would be sold, but as it stands it is a useful, though not great spell. Regrowth: With our moment of Monsters and the pricing on our models this spell really is one of the better life spells to be carrying around.

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It won't win combat, but as long as it can keep us grinding, eventually we should win combat. The Dwellers Below: Put it on a unit of the lesser races and watch them squeal and die in droves. This is a great spell, and it will bring characters down without their prized Look Out Sir! Don't leave the spell shop without if they have it on sale! Overall: This lore provides even more durability to an already durable army, and can be potent enough even without Throne of Vines. However I feel that it lacks some of the Punch we could receive from other lores, and while Dwellers is a potent spell if you didn't roll Throne you're begging for a miscast.

Lore of Metal: Lore Attribute - Metalshifting: A very limited Lore attribute that comes in handy, but really should just be a part of the spell descriptions - Not useless, but not really a lore attribute compared to other lores. Searing Doom: Most armies will have something Ironclad this can be used against. A good Magic Missile against heavily armored troops or monsters.

Plague of Rust: The speed at which this debuff is applied conspire to make it worse than it sounds.

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Mot useless, but not really useful either, won't do too bad with a good unit of Saurus though. Enchanted Blades of Aiban: Considering the popularity of the razor banner I'd say this is a powerful spell for us. Any unit will like it, and with our lack of inherent magical attacks this really gives good synergy combined with our poor WS.

Also works on BS based shooting attacks. Glittering Robe: Well sometimes your Skinks may need it. Gehenna's Golden Hounds: This is very contidional. The hits are easy to avoid, targets a single model, damages per their armor saves. Not great, might use it sometimes if you really need this kind of hits. Transmutation of Lead: I don't see this being useless for putting us on par with some armies core, and the armor save debuff is nice, but it's an expensive cast. Final Transmutation: Death to big or expensive units isn't bad at all, and the after effect is pretty scary.

Nothing bad here. Overall: We can usually handle our way out of armor in other way's considering our high strength Core and special choices. However this can still be a potent lore, and shouldn't be dismissed. The difference in no armor, and some armor can mean a lot.