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Generally speaking, social media accounts aren't verified, which is a means of authenticating that an online account matches the identity of an actual person or organization in real life. Accounts are often anonymous, and it's very easy and common for people to set up fake profiles that look like a real person. It is difficult to know for certain whom you're interacting with or what they actually want out of your connection. Thankfully, research has shown that people have defense mechanisms to avoid deception or what platforms have dubbed " inauthentic behavior.

Research on influence and its abuse shows how persuasion works and focuses on principles such as reciprocity — the act of returning favors and things like gifts for mutual benefit. This can be a small gesture, like friends taking turns buying drinks for each other. Online, it could be even smaller: Seeing someone share your post or respond to a comment you made can cause you to want to reply or like the post on their page.

If you and another person in an online group are interacting in public view — sharing posts and making and liking comments — it's probably fine. But if they then send you a direct message asking for a favor or to run an errand, keep your wits about you. You still have no idea who they are, what they do for work, what their name might be or even what country they live in. Be especially cautious if they, for instance, ask you to wear a Santa Claus suit and a mask of Donald Trump's face around your city. At least one American did this, according to the Mueller report.

Consider Skyping them first, or seeing if they can speak to you without the aid of Google Translate or if their voice matches the gender they state on their profile. The Russian government also targeted close-knit communities with strong senses of shared identity, which scholars call " oneness. It's clear that any identity-based online group could prove an easy target, so be careful when joining and affiliating with them, especially if you do not personally know the organizers in real life.

An example of a Russian propaganda ad on Facebook. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence There are so many different situations where influence techniques could exploit aspects of human nature that it's impossible to outline all the potential scenarios. In his book " Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion ," psychologist Robert Cialdini offers a general rule to help defend against being swept into an influence campaign: Be on guard if you have a feeling of liking a contact more quickly, or more deeply, than you would have expected.

Simply put, trust warnings from your gut if you're starting to notice things are moving really quickly with someone you barely know. That's especially true if this is an online friend, and even more so if the person regularly posts images of identity-based memes known as memeplexes , like bald eagles patriotism memeplex , rainbows LGBT memeplex or Jesus Christian memeplex.

In an age where governments sow global political instability by exploiting social media and interpersonal trust, it's more important than ever to be skeptical of people you connect with — not only online, but in line at Starbucks. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Jennifer Grygiel , The Conversation.

Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url.

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You have to put yourself out there in order to see some results. He is the author of 6 best-selling books, including Talk Triggers. He is also the founder of 5 multi-million dollar companies, and a Hall of Fame speaker. We are physiologically wired to ignore things that are average and discuss things that are different.

It creates suspicion. It has to be something noticeable. Why businesses are closing their doors? Sign up for a free, minute training and Demo over at GetDivvy.

Who would want to hire ME as a consultant???

The biggest mistake people make is that they look up to interviewers they admire, they look up to their styles and they copy that. They are focusing on what those styles are, not why those styles exist. There are dangers of over persistence. You can bang on the door so many times that people will call the police on you.

You can give someone all the best wisdom and knowledge in the world and their life can still feel stuck. Maximiliano was raised in Paraguay, swam all his life.

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He came to the US on an athletic scholarship. When you focus on making more money, another thing you must focus on is investing in yourself. Anthony is a biohacker specializing in anti-aging and human optimization. Free Book from Anthony! Only copies available. He graduated from Albany Law School and began his career in high-stakes corporate litigation.

As a real estate investor and asset protection attorney, he has spent the last 8 years of his career working with thousands of clients all over the US and Canada to protect and grow their hard-earned assets. That means that if anything happens in your life, they take everything that you own. What you always have to do as a business or as an individual is to separate all of your assets from all of the operations.

Through an obsession to learn the intricacies of social media marketing, Manuel has built his own businesses, helped other scale theirs, and has a hugely successful course on Facebook marketing. Sometimes, the content - the information that each one of us has in our minds - is so valuable to most people out there. You just have to structure it. You have to work on understanding who your audience is, positioning a message over and over in front of them, and getting that message across consistently.

Prior to ZipRecruiter, he played an executive role at multiple early-stage to mid-size startups in the Los Angeles area, including CitySearch, Stamps. When he isn't creating the product roadmap and speaking on behalf of ZipRecruiter, he is with his wife and kids at the beach or playing his favorite sport: soccer. Cole is the founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter, an entrepreneur, investor, and an award-winning speaker. His vision behind creating Thrive: Make Money Matter is to change the way businesses are run forever, creating a new breed of For-Purpose Entrepreneurs directing profitable businesses that focus on a local or global initiative.

You have to know the core of who your perfect consumer is for your content. The next biggest step is you have to engage with those first few followers, fans, listeners, or viewers. Visit WatchBillysVideo. Jean is a 1 best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert with more than 10 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes and improve productivity.

Her clients range from brand name Fortune companies to innovative start-ups. Not every person buys the first time they see your offer. People need to see something up to 7 times and absorb before they can feel comfortable. You don't have to see the whole staircase to take the next step. His renowned C.

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Experiment with your marketing, and speed is everything. He's a serial Entrepreneur, philanthropist and best-selling author! They may forget what you say. They may even forget what you do. They will never ever forget how you make them feel. Rand is the Founder of SparkToro and Moz, author of Lost and Founder, loves whisky, travel, and helping people do better marketing. You can get some folks who are very talented at what they do and they'll be a very poor fit for the company.

Opportunities are abundant.

When you are too close to what you do, it's hard to figure out what your super powers is. Provide value to important people by giving them possible solutions to their struggles; they will remember you. Jon has built four of the world's most popular blogs without being able to move from the neck down. Rejection doesn't mean you're wrong - it means that you're learning and it's part of the process. Knowing your target community, market, or audience is very important in every business so you can provide what they exactly need.

Keynote speaker and business coach, Jeffrey teaches entrepreneurs how to attract their ideal customers by speaking their Secret Language. Compare and despair. Whenever you compare yourselves to anybody or anything, you've got despair on some level.

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You should compare yourself to one person: YOU, yesterday. Going a million miles an hour in the wrong direction will I love hearing from you and improving from your recommendations. Have a VA Virtual Assistant help you with tasks, like editing videos, downloading audio files, scheduling your content, and transcription is a great way to leverage your time.


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He loves sharing his scaling strategies with passionate entrepreneurs. Allison is an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness and food. Her endeavors include podcast-hosting, filmmaking and motivational speaking.