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Designed in and becoming operational in , the 'Betty' had an unremarkable record with the Japanese army, but became one of the strongest weapons in Japan's naval force.

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Manufactured in greater numbers than any other Japanese aircraft, the G4M achieved considerable success in long-range bombing duties. Mitsubishi engineers improved the 'Betty' as the war progressed, adding a better tailgun and other features but even though pilots liked the aircraft it was a creature of the past, not the future. Ironically, after years of war, the G4M's final duty was to carry the Japanese surrender delegation to the island of Ie Shima four days after the fighting ended.

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Free 14 series newsletter on World War 2 Aircraft Vote for this Aircraft On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being your favorite. In Chapter 10, Calcutta is blitzed by a large force of 98 Mitsubishi bombers which was defeated by Biggles and the other pilots stationed at Dum Dum airport.

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  5. There are several plausible Mitsubishi types Johns could have been referring to or which fit the context of his story. A look at the illustrations used on the different editions of the book show that the illustrators considered at least three possible types: the Ki "Ann", the Ki "Sally" and the G4M "Betty".

    However the balance of probability points to the G4M Betty if only because the bomber was seen being escorted by Zeroes, which was a Japanese navy fighter.

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    The "Betty", likewise, was a Japanese navy bomber. Introduced in , the wing of the "Ann", of inverted gull form is mounted midway up the fuselage to allow for an interior bomb bay. Other distinctive features include the spatted fixed undercarriage and the long "greenhouse" like canopy giving excellent visibility for the crew of two. One machine gun is mounted on the wing and another at the rear for the rear gunner. The "Ann" could carry a bombload of kg lb.

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    The illustrations by Leslie Stead in the 1st Edition include a drawing of the air battle featuring a Hurricane diving on what looks like a Ki "Ann". The "Ann" was used heavily in the early part of the Second World War especially in the Philippines campaign but was relegated to training duties by , so it would have been obsolete and unlikely to have been used at the time of the events described in the book. Mitsubishi G4M in surrender markings. Mitsubishi G4M is shot down in May Mitsubishi G4M taking off c Mitsubishi G4M wreck Planes of Fame.

    Mitsubishi G4M wreck, central section.

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    Mitsubishi G4M Mitsubishi G4M. Mitsubishi G4M2e with Okha under attack Ohka carried under the belly of a Betty of st Naval Air Group. Rikkos Mindanao. Shot down Mitsubishi G4M burning on the water c Sinking Mitsubishi G4M off Guadalcanal US transports under attack off Guadalcanal 8 August Yamamoto's airplane crash. Categories : Mitsubishi military aircraft Torpedo bomber aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy s aircraft Aircraft with 2 tractor-piston-propeller engines Mid wing aircraft Bomber aircraft of Japanese origin.

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