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Gabriella is an extraordinarily beautiful teenage girl with long black hair which changes to short or long with brown highlights in the first and second movie and brown eyes. She sometimes wears dresses and mostly wears casual clothes. She wears some bright colored shirts and pants or dresses.

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Gabriella also wears a necklace that was given by Troy Bolton in High School Musical 2 , which is the letter "t" capitalized but we see that she has more necklaces from the three films. Gabriella is a kind and intelligent girl who is also practical and she is also known to be the smartest student in East High, in which she is academically-gifted.

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Gabriella is the only child of Mr. Upon singing with each other " Start of Something New " , they instantly feel a connection with one another, and, as fate would have it, they end up attending the same school, East High.

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There, they become close friends, and eventually begin dating. When the two meet up at the auditions for the winter concert, they try out for the callbacks and do a duet of a song called Breaking Free. Since Troy, being the basketball star of East High and not known to have a passion or talent for singing, and Gabriella, the shy, nerdy new girl with a liking for chemistry, start singing, there is a large amount of social unrest at the school, as more people begin revealing their passions that conflict with the stereotypes they have been placed into.

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However, despite numerous attempts to break the duo apart, they end up singing the duet and encouraging others to break from the norm in favor of following their dreams. Following the performance, the two become a very successful couple, though not without their occasional conflicts. Eventually, Sharpay Evans is jealous of Gabriella because of how popular Gabriella is becoming in the school, which Sharpay sees as a threat to her own popularity.

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Gabriella has maintained her romance with Troy, and the couple, along with their friends, get jobs at the Lava Springs Country Club. Gabriella takes the position of a responsible and adept lifeguard. Seeking revenge, Sharpay lures Troy Bolton away from Gabriella and his friends, showering him with various luxuries, including promising college opportunities. She even sings him a song " Humuhumunukanuka'apua'a " complete with lights, a set and a whole onstage performance in an attempt to win over Troy, and makes him promise to sing with her.

After Troy repeatedly breaks his promises and backs out of his commitments, Gabriella breaks up with him and quits her job at Lava Springs, claiming that working together sounded good, but is too hard now given their recent issues. My name is Gabriella. My Mom picked it after discovering it in a book. It means "God is my strength" which is true for me.

I absolutely love my name, and wouldn't even think about changing it!

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I love the High School Musical movies, and find that "Gabriella" was the perfect name for the character because Gabriellas are usually smart, friendly, kind, and sweet people with shy sides. I agree with a person who wrote above, people who have just met me call me Gabby, which I don't like, so I tell them and they usually stop. Ella is my preferred nickname, but most people just call me "Gabriella. We had told our older daughter previous relationship right around Christmas as a sister was on her "list". She was ecstatic!

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She heard us discussing names and says "how about Gabriella, just like Gabriel the ArchAngel, but only for girl" Our little miracle, Gabriella. It is the Italian form for "Gabriela" which is the Spanish form of the original name "Gabriel" which is Hebrew. Search for a Name. What are her siblings named? Enter Sibling Name. Contribute your knowledge to the name Gabriella Report inappropriate content.