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These all compete with time spent on chronic false-alarm response. In addition, in some jurisdictions, officers have sustained injuries or their vehicles have been damaged as the result of traffic accidents while responding to false alarm calls. As an inducement to buy an alarm system, a number of companies offer free monitoring services for the first few months.

Many insurance companies offer discounts on insurance premiums to customers with operable alarm systems. These discounts may be as much as 20 percent for commercial customers, and slightly less for residential owners.

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The offers of free monitoring services by alarm companies and discounts from insurers call into question the appropriateness of the current trend in U. Certain burglary prevention measures have costs only to the owner. Lights, locks, and bars installed by a property owner if within the fire code are cost-free to the rest of the community.

The individual purchaser bears these costs. On the other hand, alarm systems are not cost-free to the community, especially if up to 98 percent of alarms are false but still require the time and resources of a police response. In , 86 percent of Dallas, Texas, households and businesses representing the percent of unalarmed premises in the City subsidized the police alarm response to the 14 percent of households and businesses that have alarms Dallas City Council Another social cost of burglar alarms is the noise neighbors endure when audible alarms sound, fueling noise complaint calls to the police.

Some callers seek to alert the police that a neighboring alarm has been activated. Others merely want the police to stop the noise. In many jurisdictions, legislators have passed time restrictions for audible alarms, limiting them to 15 or 20 minutes and prohibiting extra sounding cycles. In New South Wales, Australia, the Environmental Protection Authority prohibits the sale of building-intruder alarms produced after September that sound for more than five minutes or that can automatically reset and sound again, since police and insurance groups have reported that most burglaries are over within five minutes.

See www. One of the hidden costs of false burglar alarms is that they can distort the proper geographic distribution of police. False burglar alarms do not necessarily concentrate in the same places where crime in general, or burglary in particular, concentrates. Burglary rates are typically much higher in urban areas than in either suburban or rural areas, and residential burglaries tend to concentrate in and around low-income areas.

Yet more affluent areas tend to have burglar alarms.

No matter where they are assigned, officers spending time responding to false burglar alarms have less time available to attend to other crime problems. In , the burglary rate for urban areas was higher than rural or suburban areas: So, while alarm systems may have some benefit for alarm owners as part of an overall security package, the question remains whether non-alarm owners in the community should shoulder a share of the cost. If alarm use resulted in enhanced public safetythat is, alarms led to much higher burglar apprehension rates or, ideally, fewer burglaries across an entire jurisdictionits public value would be more evident.

However, the fact that alarm calls are overwhelmingly false and do not contribute substantially to police ability to apprehend burglars makes the underwriting of alarm response by police and entire communities all taxpayers subsidize police response to alarmed properties an expensive and inefficient approach to burglary reduction across an entire jurisdiction. Copy me. Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.


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The Effectiveness of Burglar Alarms Burglar alarms are intended to prevent burglary and to help police apprehend burglars, which, if done reliably and efficiently, benefits the public at large. User errors account for a high percentage of false burglar alarms. Photo: Bob Morris.

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Email sent. Thank you. False Burglar Alarms 2nd Edition Send an e-mail with a link to this guide. Analog video, voice, and control signal transmission Ch. Digital transmission - video, communications, control Ch. Analog monitors and digital displays Ch.

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Analog, digital video recorders Ch. Hard copy video printers Ch. Video switchers Ch. Quads and multiplexers Ch. Video motion detectors Ch. Dome cameras Ch.

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Integrated cameras, camera housings, and accessories Ch. Electronic video image splitting, reversal, and annotation Ch. Covert video surveillance Ch.

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Low-light-level cameras, thermal infrared imagers Ch. Rapid deployment video systems Ch. Applications and solutions - sample scenarios.

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System power sources Ch. Video-security systems integration Ch.

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Video system test equipment Ch. Video check list Ch. Education, standards, certification Ch. New video technology. Notes Previous ed.

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