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Children in Alternative Care -. With the opportunity of a new European Commission, Eurochild has launched a petition to gather signatures supporting a new role at the European Konstantinos and Angelina have been nominated for the Children's Peace Prize for their courageous and committed work towards children's rights.

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Eurochild is partnering in an innovative EU-funded initiative to improve the inclusion in schools and ensure the rights to quality education for all Ursula von der Leyen revealed her new European Commission on 10th September What does the The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Commission. Toggle navigation Putting children at the heart of Europe.

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Our 3 goals for the next 3 years! Read the new Strategic Plan for No news available. Increasingly across the United States, doctors and parents of transgender children are embracing their identity as soon it starts becoming obvious, sometimes around age 3. Many say they are finding much greater chances of happiness and well-being when children are nurtured in their new gender identity at such a young age.

Although there is not a consensus on the issue, some clinicians who work with transgender children have concluded that when children persistently identify as the nonconforming gender, the best course is to socially transition, or live as the other gender, even at age 3.

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Other specialists in the field advocate a more cautious approach because the long-term psychosexual results for young children can vary widely and unpredictably. Fifteen percent of transgender Americans say they ran away from home or were kicked out of the house, according to a survey released on Dec. The same study, by advocacy group the National Center for Transgender Equality, found transgender adults were nine times more likely than the general population to attempt suicide. But transgender people with supportive families were far less likely to attempt suicide, be homeless or experience serious psychological distress - by nearly point margins compared with those who lacked family support, the survey said.

Researchers have long established that children acquire gender identity starting around 3 years old, and for the vast majority who are not transgender, or cisgender, such an identity is unremarkable. While transgender people may realize their identities at any age, some firmly establish a transgender identity in early childhood, even by age 3. Experts say further study is needed to determine how many children make such a reversion in their transgender identity.

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The Dutch group sees potential harm in putting a teenager through a second gender transition. But some Americans psychiatrists who work directly with transgender youth have argued that those who are consistent in their gender identity be allowed to transition because they are suffering in the natal gender. A social transition to the other gender helps children learn, make friends, and participate in family activities.

Some will decide later they are not transgender, but Olson-Kennedy says the potential harm in such cases may be overstated. Because prepubescent transgender children require no more physical change than a new hairstyle and clothes, the initial transition is completely reversible, Olson-Kennedy said.

Children and gender identity: Supporting your child

Of some 1, patients she has dealt with, only one switched back to the natal gender, and without any harm, she said. So, how could that be wrong? Led by psychology professor Kristina Olson, the study aims to follow transgender kids for 20 years, starting from the ages of 3 to Transgender children aged 3 to 12 who live as the other gender have shown levels of depression equal to a control group of cisgender children, and the transgender group had only minimally more anxiety.